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ScaleUP WA

WA’s premier growth program for achieving business breakthrough!

About us

ScaleUP WA is Western Australia's premier growth program for WA-based SMEs, both established or emerging ventures with high impact potential. Our purpose-built 12-week acceleration program assists business owners and operators to build their capabilities and connections and to unlock added value and achieve business breakthrough.

ScaleUP WA is all about growth and in 2024, it too will be scaling-up to offer the program in two streams: one for Food and Beverage businesses; and one for growth-focused, non-sector biased businesses. The core program will be delivered across both streams, with specific sessions, keynotes and events held for each.

With over 50 years of combined experience, we know what it takes to become successful, sustainable and scalable market leaders. By bringing together a team of highly experienced facilitators, mentors, advisors and industry practitioners, we help businesses to identify and implement enabling business models, transformative initiatives and strategies including targeted Market Entry Strategies into clearly defined plans.

From corporates to nonprofits, government agencies, financial institutions, ASEAN country chambers and various market connectors, our global growth network is ready to build better businesses and showcase all that WA has to offer. Partners have included CommBank, Wrays, Perth Angels, FundWA, AgriStart, Singapore Connect, Legends, Navia, Melbourne-based crowdsourced funding platform Birchal, and many more.

So, is this your year to get scale, create and capture more value, and position your business to harvest that value?

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  • Strategic Positioning for Investment and Harvest
  • Scale Enablers
  • Intellectual Property
  • Growth Marketing
  • Export Market Entry
  • Trade and Logistics


  • Markets
  • Networks
  • Advisory
  • Targeting and Execution
  • Industry Events


  • Strategic Alignment
  • Capitalisation Strategies
  • Sources of Funding
  • Valuations
  • Pitch Decks
  • Gender Communication Dynamics in Pitching

Our impact

With over five decades of combined experience, working with entrepreneurial ventures and capital providers alike, we understand the unique challenges and barriers facing both sides of the coin, and what it takes to bring both sides together.

We know that sustainable and successful ventures are built on entrepreneurs and investors leveraging insights, expertise, networks and teams to collectively build capability, connections and capital.

Since 2019, we have worked with over 50 startups and SMEs across a variety of sectors and industries to include agrifood and tech to food and beverage, wholesale and distribution; to allied health, mental health, education, cyber security, virtual reality, mapping technology, and battery assembly and distribution.

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Our team

Greg Riebe

Greg is an entrepreneur, commercialisation expert, advisor and mentor, and speaker with +25 years helping startups and scale-ups stay up. He is the co-founder of Entrepreneurs in Residence (eir) Pty Ltd, Perth’s first tech incubator, and the Perth Angels. In 2020, Greg was awarded Angel Investor of the Year and the WA Pearcey Entrepreneur of the Year.

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Dr Andrew Whitehead

Andrew wears many hats from General Manager to Non-Executive Director. Specialising in global corporate restructuring and capital raising, Andrew combines his knowledge of ASX-listed companies with strategic planning, operations, performance and leadership to build business breakthrough.

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Kent Matla

Kent is a strategy, growth and innovation specialist, advisor and mentor with deep insights into doing business in China, having lived and worked across the Pan Asian region for several years. He is a certified Global Innovation practitioner, Chair of the Australian Institute of Innovation Management (AIMI) and member of the Blak Angels.

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Danielle Riebe

Raised in a world of corporate venturing, Dani combines her background as a WAAPA grad with creativity, strategy, innovation and investment specifically the pitch process and the role gender communication dynamics plays in addressing the funding gap of women.

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How to apply

ScaleUP WA is all about growth and this year, we also scale-up by offering our core 12-week acceleration program across two streams: to Food and Beverage businesses; and to businesses that are Growth-focused (non-sector biased*) addressing global problems with innovative solutions.

ScaleUP WA 2024 will be taking place mid to late June to the end of September with weekly sessions, mentoring and more.

Scholarships are available to eligible businesses, covering full or partial payment of the total costs of the program. Scholarships providing co-contributions cover up to 60% of the total program fees and are per participating business.

Total delivery of the program includes all materials, resources, catered in-person sessions, mentoring, ongoing access to facilitators, industry events with keynotes and networking opportunities. As well as diverse panel discussions with Q&A.

Submit your Expressions of Interest (EOI) by clicking on the button below.

Applications officially open on Monday, 26 February and close on Friday, 10 May 2024.

*please note that while ScaleUP WA is open to a variety of businesses, priority will be given to regional, women-led and/or Indigenous-led businesses as part of the ‘growth’ stream.


I want to raise some capital, but I don’t have a compelling enough business case to secure the funds.

ScaleUP WA helps you to understand the appetite of different funding providers across the capital and finance spectrum to help a craft investible growth strategy that meets their interest.

I don’t have a clear view on how I am going to harvest/cash-in on all the effort I have put in creating value in the business.

ScaleUP WA helps you build a picture of what the business needs to look like that would be ready to cash-in if desired.

I don’t know how to structure the business to scale up faster that my current growth rate.

ScaleUP WA discusses and helps choose scalable business models, enabling technologies and options to transition from the current model.

How can I work on doing more while still trying to maintain business as usual?

ScaleUP WA explains approaches to quickly identify areas of opportunity and techniques to model, validate and test new modes of delivery for products and services.

How do I choose what technology to differentiate my business and help me compete and grow faster?

ScaleUP WA discusses emerging technologies that work with and enable business models to scale.

How do I get my people involved to help identify new and better ways to run and grow the business?

ScaleUP WA discusses what it means to have an agile culture and approaches to build a transformative culture.

It’s great hearing these new approaches, but what do I after?

We provide access to Mentors as part of the program to help outside the program workshops and contact days.

Contact us

Connect with us to let us know more about your business and how we might best support you to get scale, create more value, and position your business to harvest that value.

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We acknowledge the traditional custodians throughout Western Australia and their continuing connection to the land, waters and community, and we pay our respects to all members of the Aboriginal communities and their cultures, and to Elders past, present and emerging.

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